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   when a passenger chips in on expenses.
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   economics based its models on the idea that people act rationally
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Includes QuickBooks Pro 2013 for organizing and managing your business finances and QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2013 for easily creating paychecks and filing taxesGet started easily with QuickBook Pro's step-by-step tutorials that show you how to create invoices, record expenses and moreEnjoy a smooth transition to QuickBooks by quickly importing your existing data from a spreadsheet or by directly downloading online banking transactionsEnter, track and pay bills and view income and expense trends by category for simple vendor and expense managementCreate customized estimates, invoices and statements to keep your business running smoothlyGet a clear, real-time overview of your business with the Company Snapshot featureEfficiently and accurately pay your employees in three easy steps with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll 2013Simply enter each employee's hours to receive automatically calculated earnings, payroll taxes and deductions for each paycheckPrint paychecks instantly, or save time and paper with direct deposit (additional fees apply)Take time and hassle out of tax time as Enhanced Payroll automatically fills in Federal and state payroll tax forms for youE-file to pay your taxes with a single click, or send completed forms to your printer to create hard copiesEnsure your records are accurate and complete thanks to integration between Enhanced Payroll and QuickBooks Pro 2013

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